Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missionary Training Center

The MTC was a very fine experience in reminding us the first week of how we can be effective missionaries while we are in Taiwan.  Role playing was something that caused Lola a little more anxiety, but she did very well as we taught volunteers who came to the MTC in the roles of investigator, inactive member, etc.  The second week was only three days and involved learning some of the office systems we are using.  We had one full day on Thursday to get all of our last items off our preparation list.

Being able to have Brother James Pau as our Mandarin tutor was a great blessing for us.  Brother Pau (pronounced "Bau") grew up in Taiwan and has lived in Canada.  His English and Chinese are equally excellent.  We worked very hard to learn words and put them together into phrases that would mean something.  Learning the "four primary tones" in Mandarin was especially difficult.  Brother Pau was very patient with us, but there were times when I am sure he thought we were not learning anything.  We had a hard time saying goodbye to him.  He is a great young man who we love.

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