Monday, May 9, 2011

Tofu and Duck Blood

The office Elders invited us to a restaurant with several members of the ward in which they serve.  It was an upscale restaurant which specializes in "hot pot" meals. 
A two portion soup pot is brought to the table, placed on a gas burner in the middle of the table.  Both sides are filled with broth, spices, sea weed, etc.  the one side is filled with "hot" spices for the more gutsy pallet.
We allowed our chinese friends to order the main course.  It was cabbage, tofu and duck blood.  Tofu and duck blood Chunks the size of pieces of fudge were brought to the table already cooked in a pot.  The ingredients were poured into the pot to simmer together and we took piece after piece out of the pot and place in our bowl with rice.  the Tofu was good.  the duck blood was okay, but hard to think about it.  It had the consistency of jello, but was fairly easy cut into smaller sized pieces with your chopstick.  Mom looked at me and said, "who would have imagined?
Lola and I have found a great diet in Taiwan---chopsticks.  By the time we fully learn to use them, we will be a few pounds lighter.  It is interesting that eating slow fills you up sooner.  Especially Duck Blood.
We enjoyed our time listening to and being brought into the "mostly chinese" conversation.  Their were four children at the table next to us who were very interested in speaking with me in English.  Lola and I love being around the chinese children.
Pictured in the photo include our office Elders, Hanich, Liu, and Tung.   The other photo shows our guests and the capable server for our table.  Everytime she left our table aftger serving us she would bow.

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  1. oh no! but what fun to see you guys enjoying the experience. amazing how the streets are so empty in the morning and so full at night!

    we brought the kiddos in and showed them the pictures...thanks for being such amazing examples!